Mentelity Games 2019


Saas Grund, Switzerland



The Mentelity Games is a 3 day ski and snowboard event for disabled people together with their relatives and friends from all over the world. It will take place on the slopes of the mountains in Saas Grund, Switzerland. During this event the participants will ride together but most important, have fun together! The event will take place for three days, with new activities each day. This varies from clinics for first timers to a selection day for potentials. From learning how to sit-ski to racing in the newest equipment. Clinics will be given on all levels, from beginners onwards, by trainers, coaches and also by Paralympic athletes in all different snow sports. There will be a “Knowledge Street” where specialist will help you to get the best out of you and your sport. This event is also for NPC’s to exchange knowledge with their colleagues from different countries and to learn how to set up a professional program.


We organize this event to bring experienced disabled (pro) athletes and disabled winter sport lovers of all other levels together to learn from each other. To see what their potentials are but more important to experience winter sport to the max together with Paralympic athletes and their coaches. Imaginary boundaries set by themselves or by those involved in the care taking will be broken. We are going to show them that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. To let our lovely Winter sports to grow we are going to show to the world that they need to start offering a Paralympic Winter Sport program. We have to show children and young adults that regardless their disability they can enjoy winter sport! We need Paralympic Heroes! Recreational sports need Heroes! Paralympic sports can only survive with a large recreational backbone.

When and where

The Mentelity Games will be held on the sunny slopes of the mountains of Saas Grund, Wallis, Switzerland.The Bergbahnen of Saas-Grund will be one of our partners. Save the date! The Games will take place from 10th to the 12th of April 2019.


Bibian Mentel, founder of the Mentelity Foundation, will be hosting this event. Bibian Mentel was a successful snowboarder in the Dutch-European and World scene winning over 128 gold medals. She lobbied for years to get snowboarding on the Paralympic agenda. She won 3 Gold medals in the Paralympics. All the Dutch snowboard athletes, participated in the Paralympic games in Sochi and Pyeongchang came from her foundation. Bibian now wants to devote her time to help Paralympic Snowboarding grow and especially inspire girls all over the world to pick up snowboarding and participate in her passion.

Mentelity Promo

Maybe this sounds a little unfair but there will be extra attention for female athletes. A few “Woman Only” clinic’s given by Bibian Mentel. There will be some extra promotion and everybody who brings in a female participant will get a reward. Be surprised!

Come out to ride, it’s all about Mentelity

Regardless your disability and if you have never ever visit a mountain, we get you on the slopes and take you for a ride.

Join the Mentelity Games!


To be part of the Mentelity Games you need to register for the Games so we know what kind of material and specialist we need to arrange to give you the best time on the slopes! Besides the registration you also need to buy the tickets for the Games. In the ticket is a liftpass included.


After your registration you can buy your tickets. Premium Member Ticket EUR 200: 3 day lift ticket, use of all supporting ski- and snowboard material, 1 lesson per day for 2 hours, knowledge street, complete evaluation report, goodie bag and Big Air Bag Jump if you like. And, you can add more to your ticket. We organize several events and more lessons, clinics during these days. Tickets are for sale until 10th April 2019. For some activities there is a limited amount of tickets!

Event Details


At the Mentelity Games we have three levels of skiers and snowboarders. The lessons will be given based on these levels.

Level 1. Beginner
Level 2. Experienced skier/snowboarder
Level 3. Race level. You already compete in races or wants to.

We are currently working hard to give you more detailed information regarding the lessons. 


During the Mentelity Games you can register for several clinics. Currently we are working hard to finalize the clinics, but you can expect the following clinics to come;

  • Clinics given by Pro’s Ski and Snowboard
  • Tourskiing
  • Slalom clinics
  • Freestyle clinics
  • Women’s only snowboard clinics

Knowledge Street

Arriving at the event you will enter “Knowledge Street”. We will, together with you, find out what your goal will be for the coming 3 days.

With the help of several different specialist we will find out what type of sport you want to try out or if you want to improve your skills. We select the kind of material you need to support your disability and what kind of physical support you need.

After this, we have a good inside view of where you stand and where you want to go. We will help you to get all the right equipement, set you up a little program and hook you up with a group or maybe a private coach. All depending on your skill level.

At the end of “Knowledge Street” you are ready to hit the slopes!


See here the full program. This will be expanded even further

Stars of Mentelity

On the last day of the Mentelity Games there will be an award ceremony where the winners of the Stars of Mentelity will be honored! Participants of the Mentelity Games can earn this precious award by showing a great mentality during the 3 days of the event. Did you help someone in the lift, did you progress in the sport, did you have the biggest smile while coming down the mountain?  And there are many more ways to show a great mentality. You don’t have to be the best-, fastest- or doing the coolest trick, its the best mentality that counts. The organisation will determine the winners of this award.


The Saas Valley is surrounded by no less than eighteen 4.000 meters peaks! Its breathtaking landscape of beautiful mountains and glaciers is simply amazing to behold. Perfectly groomed ski slopes reach from 3.600 meters a.s.l. right down to the villages. A great network of cableways takes skiers and snowboarders up into the mountains. On top of that, the Saas Valley also offers plenty of other winter sports opportunities such as sledging, ice climbing, snowshoe trails, winter hiking, Bavarian curling, cross-country skiing and much more. Saas-Grund (1.559 meters above sea level) is situated at the heart of Saas Valley, enchanting visitors with its rustic houses and narrow streets.

How to get there

Hotel Tips

Saas Grund has several options for accommodation. You can book hotels, appartments and B&B’s. The Saastal Tourism office can help you to find the right accommodation for you.They know aswell which appartments and hotels are wheelchair accessible.

Saastal Tourism Agency

For extra information you can contact Kirsten Cina

Or contact hotels and appartements directly

Appartements Saaserferien


Bibian Mentel-Spee

Bibian lost her leg in 2001 due to bone cancer while she was in training for the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. After a lobby of 8 years she got snowboarding on the Paralympic program. The first time this sport was shown at the Paralympic Games was in Sochi in 2014. During the Paralympic Games in Sochi she won the gold medal on the boardercross and 4 years later in Pyeong-Chang she won another 2 gold medals on boardercross and the bankedslalom. Besides being a pro athlete, Bibian started the Mentelity Foundation where she helps and inspires kids and young adults with a disability to learn and love snowboarding and to look at the possibilities instead of the disabilities ‘’It’s all about mentelity!’’


Matti started snowboarding in 1999 while he was a young teenager. In 2009 he got involved in a motorbike accident. A car hit him and he got thrown off the bike which resulted in a leg amputation. He had to learn how to walk and after a while he tried snowboarding again. In the season of 2013-2014 he joined the parasnowboard competition. And that didn’t go unnoticed! In the beginning he was the quiet guy of the group but soon after his first race in Landgraaf, he started winning and won the World Championship in La Molina, Spain. He had found his passion. He is still training hard and has won multiple World Championships, a X-Games Gold medal, and a Gold and Bronze medal during the Paralympic Wintergames in Pyeong Chang. Besides winning these medals, his mission is get people with a disability involved in snowboarding and let the sport grow. ‘’Make the impossible, possible!’’


Merijn Koek was born without hands and right lower leg due to complications in the womb. This never stopped him from challenging himself in all different ways. This resulted in a passion for snowboarding. In 2004 he made his first meters on his board. In 2010 he met Bibian. She took him under her wings and learned him how to race. Merijn competed in the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. After a couple years of racing he found his passion in teaching kids with a disability to snowboard and is now a full time employee for the Mentelity Foundation. ‘’Always look at the bright side of life’’


Kees-Jan was an active snowboarder before an accident struck him. He broke his back and ended up in wheelchair. This never stopped his active life and started sit skiing right when he was able to. In 2008 he won the gold medal during the X-Games in Aspen on the Sit ski Cross. After this result he was known as ‘’The Flying Dutchman’’. In Vancouver and Sochi he represented The Netherlands during the Paralympic Games.

Lucas Swieykowski

Lucas is from Bariloche, Argentina. In the European winter time he lives in Engadin and during our summer, he is back in Argentina skiing! He is a professional skier, but also a mountain guide and ski instructor. He’s competing with the top of the freeride scene and has made several movies like; Enabled, Rise, Elbrus & The Empire of Winds


Mees van Lierop showed a lot of talent in skiing in his early years. He spend a lot of hours in the indoor freezer in The Netherlands. There he developed his talent, and is now a fulltime athlete and is travelling the world on his ski’s. Now he is 22 years old and already had 16 national titles on his name on the disciplines Slopestyle, Half-Pipe and Big Air. His focus now is to make it big on the international levels. In 2017 he had his first World Championship. His goal is participating in the Olympic Winter Games.

Alex Massie

Massie has practiced snowboarding since his youth but a wakeboarding accident in 2011 resulted in him losing his left leg below the knee, which changed his plans. He returned to snowboarding after his accident and decided to go competitive. In 2014 he won gold at the Alberta Provincials and Canadian Para- Snowboard Championships, bronze medals at the 2015 world championships and X Games. In 2016, he captured two more bronze medals at IPC Snowboard World Cup events. To top this, a silver medal at the X Games. In January 2017, Massie was fourth in snowboardcross and sixth in banked slalom at the 2017 world championships held at Big White, Canada. In March 2018 he represented Canada during the Paralympic wintergames in Pyeong-Chang.

Ben Tudhope

Ben Tudhope is a 2x Paralympic Snowboarder who at 14 became the world’s youngest ever Winter Paralympian. Ben was born with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, affecting coordination and muscle movement on the left side of his body. Ben has a true love of snowboarding, it has allowed him to express his personality as he feels free whenever he is carving down the slopes and he doesn’t know where he would be without. Now, on the Para snowboard Tour for 6 years Ben’s best achievements are placing 3rd at X Games 2016 and winning double Golds at the 2018 World Cup in Dubai. Ben is also a ambassador for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Australia.

Aline Bock

Aline is a professional snowboarder, a passionate surfer and her soul craves new experiences, travel and adventures. It is no surprise then, that she needs to be outdoors in the mountains or at the ocean where she can meet other people with the same passion for sports, nature and the environment. In 2009 Aline also started competing on the Freeride World Tour, claiming the Vice World Champion title in that first year and two years later she became Freeride World Champion 2010. Since then she has been focusing on big mountain, backcountry film projects she produces herself, running splitboard / safety snow camps and traveling to the most beautiful freeride resorts on the planet.
“Helping and coaching at the Mentelity Games, showing how much fun it is to spend some quality times with mates in the snow, will be an option to share my passion with you. I am really looking forward to it”

Simon Patmore

Simon Patmore used to be a sprinter during the Paralympics in London 2012, he earned a bronze medal in the 200m T46 event. In 2014, Simon made the change to winter sports.  Simon has received multiple medals throughout his snowboard career including three gold medals in the World Para-Snowboard competition, a silver medal at the Audi Quattro Winter Games; and another silver medal at the Dew Tour competition in Colorado. At the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympic Winter Games he won the gold medal in Boardercross. He also became the first Australian male athlete to earn a medal at both the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games.

Sean Pollard

In 2014 Sean was surfing in Esperance western Australia when he survived a shark attack. He lost his left arm and right hand in the attack. After 5 weeks in hospital Sean returned home to Bunbury and continued occupational therapy learning how to live life using a split hook prosthetic. After overcoming many challenges Sean started snowboarding September 2015 and has since impressed on the world cup para-snowboard circuit. Sean achieved his goals of competing at the 2018 Winter Paralympic games in South Korea coming away with a 5th place finish in the banked slalom and a 9th place in the snowboard cross



Quote: ” The biggest thing I’ve learnt through all this is to approach each challenge with an open mind and a positive outlook because you never know for sure how things will turn out”

Jeroen Kampschreur

Jeroen Kampschreur was born without shins and therefore ended up in a wheelchair at a young age. His sporting talent came to the fore not only in skiing but also in wheelchair basketball. At the age of 7 he tried skiing for the first time after thathe decided to give up that passion and go skiing to the fullest and at the young age of 19 he is now the current Paralympic champion at Super-combined and current 5 time World Champion.

”Simply loves to ski (fast)”

Floris Meijer

I am 29 years old. All my life I have loved sports, especially mountain sports. I have climbed, kayaked and mountain biked. I have also taught here for a number of years. But I found skiing the most beautiful sport of all. During my training to become a sports leader (CIOS), I also got my ski instructors diploma. From that moment on I was in the mountains every winter for the whole season. Here I was mainly freestyle skiing and I also participated in races. On my 23rd I went too fast on a big kicker. I landed far over the landing and came exactly on my head. When I finally opened my eyes again, I knew right away that I never
was going to walk or ski. When I was rehabilitating I quickly saw what was possible in a sitski. I wanted to do this as soon as possible, one winter later I was doing it! Meanwhile I’m in the Dutch team and I’m on my way to the games in Beijing.


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