Mentelity Games 2021

march 30th – April 2nd

Saas Grund, Switzerland


The Mentelity Games is a 4-day ski- and snowboard event for people who are physically challenged, which is held on the slopes of Saas-Grund, Switzerland. Participants can enjoy days of snow fun, together with their friends and family. During the four days in Switzerland a varied program is offered. From beginners to those who are experienced in winter sports: everybody will be challenged. Seated-, standup-skiing or snowboarding, it’s all possible at the Mentelity Games. Participants take lessons and additionally they can take extra lessons and clinics from qualified teachers and Paralympic athletes. On top of the snow activities, you can participate in various activities in the village. Together we will turn the Games into an unforgettable week!


At the Mentality Games we look at the possibilities of people, in stead of at their disabilities. Therefore we bring together experienced disabled (pro) athletes and disabled winter athletes of all levels, to enable everybody to learn from one another. Fun comes first during the Mentelity Games. We also want to show people what they are all capable of with a physical challenge: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! To make our beautiful winter sports grow, we are going to show the world that they have to offer a Paralympic Winter Sports Program. We have to show children and young adults that they can enjoy winter sports regardless of their limitations! We need Paralympic Heroes! Recreational sports need heroes! Paralympic sports can only survive with a large recreational backbone.

When and where

The Mentelity Games are organised on the sunny slopes on the mountains of Saas-Grund, Wallis, Switzerland. This year’s event will take place from 30th of March till the 2nd of April 2021, so set the date in your diary!


The Mentelity Games are organized by Bibian Mentel and her own foundation, the Mentelity Foundation. Bibian Mentel is a successful snowboarder on the Dutch, European and worldwide stage. In total she won 128 gold medals. For years she lobbied to get snowboarding on the Paralympic agenda. She succeeded and won 3 gold medals at the Paralympic Games. All Dutch snowboard athletes, who participated in the Paralympic Games in Sochi and Pyeongchang, came from her foundation. Bibian now wants to spend her time helping Paralympic Snowboarding grow and inspire girls all over the world to pick up snowboarding and participate in her passion.


Come out to ride, it’s all about Mentelity

Regardless of your disability and if you have never ever visit a mountain, we get you on the slopes and take you for a ride.

Join the Mentelity Games!


Would you like to be present at the Mentelity Games in Switzerland from the 30th of March till the 2nd of April 2021? Then order your tickets quickly on the ticket page. There are several possibilities: the premium deal, the standard deal, a visitor package or a fan package. Curious about the content of the packages? Take a look at our ticket page for more information!

Event Details


The lessons are available for every level of skier or snowboarder. During the Mentelity Games everyone gets at least two hours of ski lessons and there is also the possibility to book additional lessons or clinics.


In addition to the lessons there is also the possibility to book special clinics given by real pros. We are currently looking at which clinics will be offered in Saas-Grund.  





Knowledge Street

During the Mentelity Games there will also be a Knowledge Street where information is provided about sports with a physical challenge. What is possible and what means are there to make sports as easy as possible for you? You’ll find out all about it on Knowledge Street.



Click the button to see here the full program. This will be expanded even further

Stars of Mentelity

During the closing ceremony of the Mentelity Games, the organisation will award the Stars of Mentelity. This is not about who came off the mountain the quickest or who could do the coolest tricks, but about the people who showed the best mentality during the event. Are you on the slopes every day with the greatest smile or do you help the participants if they need help? Everyone has a chance, because it’s all about Mentelity!





The saas valley

The Saas Valley is surrounded by no less than eighteen 4.000 meters peaks! Its breathtaking landscape of beautiful mountains and glaciers is simply amazing to behold. Perfectly groomed ski slopes reach from 3.600 meters a.s.l. right down to the villages. A great network of cableways takes skiers and snowboarders up into the mountains. On top of that, the Saas Valley also offers plenty of other winter sports opportunities such as sledging, ice climbing, snowshoe trails, winter hiking, Bavarian curling, cross-country skiing and much more. Saas-Grund (1.559 meters above sea level) is situated at the heart of Saas Valley, enchanting visitors with its rustic houses and narrow streets.

How to get there


There are several possibilities if you want to book your own accommodation for the Mentelity Games. Don’t take advantage of the complete deal and are you still looking for accommodation in Saas-Grund? Please contact us and we’ll help you on your way!

Saastal Tourism Agency

For extra information you can contact Kirsten Cina



Bibian Mentel-Spee

Bibian lost her leg in 2001 due to bone cancer while she was in training for the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. After a lobby of 8 years she got snowboarding on the Paralympic program. The first time this sport was shown at the Paralympic Games was in Sochi in 2014. During the Paralympic Games in Sochi she won the gold medal on the boardercross and 4 years later in Pyeong-Chang she won another 2 gold medals on boardercross and the bankedslalom. Besides being a pro athlete, Bibian started the Mentelity Foundation where she helps and inspires kids and young adults with a disability to learn and love snowboarding and to look at the possibilities instead of the disabilities ‘’It’s all about mentelity!’’


Merijn Koek was born without hands and right lower leg due to complications in the womb. This never stopped him from challenging himself in all different ways. This resulted in a passion for snowboarding. In 2004 he made his first meters on his board. In 2010 he met Bibian. She took him under her wings and learned him how to race. Merijn competed in the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. After a couple years of racing he found his passion in teaching kids with a disability to snowboard and is now a full time employee for the Mentelity Foundation. ‘’Always look at the bright side of life’’


Kees-Jan was an active snowboarder before an accident struck him. He broke his back and ended up in wheelchair. This never stopped his active life and started sit skiing right when he was able to. In 2008 he won the gold medal during the X-Games in Aspen on the Sit ski Cross. After this result he was known as ‘’The Flying Dutchman’’. In Vancouver and Sochi he represented The Netherlands during the Paralympic Games.


Would you like to contribute to the Mentelity Games? Support one of teams participating in the Hohsaas Race. All proceeds go to the organization of the Mentelity Games!

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